List of All Important Documents, MP3s & Other Resources

यहाँ आप महत्वपूर्ण राईट टू रिकाल प्रस्तावित प्रक्रिया और ड्राफ्ट के लिंक देख सकते हैं और उन्हें दूसरे नागरिकों को बता सकते हैं |
Here, you can see important RRG proposed procedures and drafts, which you can share with other citizens

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List of All Important Documents, MP3s & Other Resources

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Proposals of ‘Right to Recall’ aka ‘Prajaa-aadheen Raajaa’ Group (Unregistered) supported by Rajiv Dixit Ji

The three line law can reduce Poverty and Corruption in Police in just 4 months !!

We are not political Party. `Party` may be used in sense of `Group` in certain cases. We are unregistered group demanding to pass law/act

(1) Citizens Voice/Janta Ki Awaz/RTI2
(2) MRCM
(3) Right to Recall at all major positions
(4) Jury System (Trial) in Courts

Discussion Forum :

Email : info [at] righttorecall [dot] .info
Skype : rrgindia

[A] Introduction & Proposals - How 3 line law can reduce poverty & corruption in 3 months

Recordings of Voice Conference

[C] Rajiv Dixit’s has supported Right To Recall (Supported YouTube Video)

[D] Shri Rajiv Dixit on Right To Recall just before 2 days of his murder in Mungeli (CG) in following Video


Other Videos-


1)Right to Recall LokPal Chairperson-

2)Right To Recall Message-

3)Right to Recall-Prajaa Adhin Rajaa-


Neta kyon Janta se nahi Darta?-


FaceBook Discussion Group :

Face Book Page : ... 0969831579

FaceBook Group : ... 1117936671


Google Group :

Orkut Group :

Twitter :

YouTube Channel :


[1] 4 Page Document about RTI2 (Citizens Voice/Janta Ki Awaz) & How a 3 line law can reduce poverty, corruption in police, corruption in courts in just 4 months [English PDF] [Hindi PDF] [Gujarati PDF] [Bengali PDF] [Malyalam PDF] [English DOC] [Hindi DOC] [English HTM]

[2] 301 full document in pdf & word, English & Hindi [English ZIP] [Hindi ZIP]

[3] 301 full document with all proposals in English [English PDF] [English DOC] [English HTML]

[4] 301 full document with all proposals in Hindi [Hindi PDF] [Hindi DOC] [Hindi HTML]

[5] All Drafts

[6] How With just 1 hour a week, YOU can help in bringing “Prajaa- aadheen Raajaa” drafts in India [English] [Hindi]

[7] A three line addition in RTI can reduce corruption in Police and improve Police [12 Page]

[8] Letter to Prime Minister

[9] FAQs on Right to Recall

[10] How EVM can be manipulated

[11] We would like to request to add Citizens Voice & Right to Recall clause in Jan Lokpal Bill & Provide Hindi Translation

Full information about Lokpal in Hindi & English

Read Full Lokpal Draft Request in English

Read Full Lokpal Draft Request in Hindi

Request to IAC Activists in English

Request to IAC Activists in Hindi

Proposed Right to Recall Lokpal Draft in English

Request to IAC Activists to Add RTR, Jury in Lokpal in full in Hindi

2 Page Pamphlet in English

2 Page Pamphlet in Hindi

IAC Lokpal Draft Translation in Hind, with Suggestions

Letter to Anna ji to allow transparent public opinion procedure in Janlokpal draft comittee Selection

अन्ना जी को पत्र जन लोकपाल ड्राफ्ट समिति सदस्य के चुनाव के लिए पारदर्शी जनमत प्रणाली लाने के लिए [Hindi]

Prajaa Adhin LokPal Adhyaksh- ... MDJj&hl=en

Jan LokPal bill draft- ... %201.9.doc ... ll_1.3.pdf

[12] Rijiv Dixit Ji’s Video on Right to Recall

[13] Proposed Right to Recall Procedure for Prime Minister (Same procedure can be implemented by minor changes with other Corrupt Politicians)

Right to Recall PM in English

Right to Recall PM in Hindi

[14] Proposed Draft to Emphasize Swadeshi in India

[15] RRG proposals to improve Military-Industrial complex ... omplex.pdf

[16] RRG Proposals to improve RBI & curb/stop inflation

[17] RRG Proposals to stop/curb reservation

[18] Shree Hari K. Prasad Ji held accused of stealing voting machines (Hari K. Prashad Ji), a man who showed how Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) can be tampered, what a shame on Indian System & Judiciary. We, Right to Recall Group, strongly condemn this government action.





Sample of Post Card To Citizens Campaign - 1 Page (RTI2)

Sample of Port Cart To Citizens Campaign - 8 Page

Sample of Post Card To Citizens Campaign - 1 Page (Right to Recall & RTI2)


Voter list (net link)-

Delhi- ... ex_num.htm
Mumbai Suburban voter list-
Kolkata- ... rict_id=11

Simple procedure to find voter list of anywhere in India on internet-

1)Go to this link- .
2)Scroll down to choose your state and click `go`.This will open the state CEO site.
3)Then click on `Electoral roll(voter list) tab and choose the area you want to have the voter list of.



Return to “राईट टू रिकाल ग्रुप प्रस्तावित महत्वपूर्र्ण प्रक्रिया और ड्राफ्ट के लिंक - Important links of RRG Proposed procedures and Drafts”