Petitioning MLAs across India --- Reduce delay in courts by creating 10 times more courts

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Petitioning MLAs across India --- Reduce delay in courts by creating 10 times more courts

Post by kmoksha » Sat Jul 05, 2014 11:55 pm

To speed up justice via increasing the number of courts in India, this petition should be signed.

Also, you can send this link as sms to your MLA demanding the same.

In case you do so, please inform other citizens what response or no-response you got from your MLA.

To voters of India,

Please send this URL to MLA via SMS if you wish to order MLA via SMS to order Law-Minister to increase the number of courts and make it 10 times i.e. around 1 court per 10000 citizens. , Please do NOT sign this petition by email address. Emails are useless, only SMS sent to MP, MLA is useful.


To MLA ,

If you get this URL, then it very likely means means that the voter is sending you an order via SMS that he conveys following

===== start of the text of the order to the MLA ===

Please present bill in assembly to make number of courts 10 times i.e. about 1 court for 10000 citizens in state Or else will not vote for you / your party. Details - Also link your public phone to your website so that all SMS sent to you are seen by all citizens along with their voter ID

======= end of text of order to MLA =====

Background :

1. I request all voters in India to send orders to their MLAs via SMS to increase number of courts to 10 times the existing.

2. China has 200,000 courts, while India has only 20000. USA has 1 court per 1000 citizens while India has 1 court per 100,000 citizens. So judgments in China , USA etc come fast. In USA it takes 2-3 months for a labor case to resolve, in China it takes 1-2 weeks and in India, it takes 2-5 years !! We need many solutions --- increase number of courts, user Jury Systen and abolish judge system, recruit magistrates ONLY by written exams and abolish interviews and so forth.

3. This petition deals with ONLY one proposed changed --- increase the number of courts in the state to 1 per 10000. i.e. create about 100,000 more courts courts across India.

4. The lower courts are created by State Govt and NOT Centeral Govt. So if you wish number of courts in India to increase, then please order your MLA via SMS to increase the number of courts to 10 times by sending URL to this petition as SMS to the MLA.

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