What would BST members do if BST MPs backstab?

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What would BST members do if BST MPs backstab?

Post by kmoksha » Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:57 am

What wud BST members do if BST MPs backstab?

My question here is : what would BST members do if AFTER getting elected, if BST MPs or MPs supported by BST sell out and join MNCs? eg Many people who wanted Swadeshi supported BJP in 1998 . But after getting elected and becoming, BJP sold out to MNCs and people like Yashwant Sinha too sold out to Videshies, and Yashwant Sinha was founder member of Swadeshi Jagran Manch. And the workers who worked for them like foot soldiers had no option but to watch them helplessly.

It has happened 10s of time that leaders after getting elected "reform" themselves, which is nothing but "sell out". So it can happen again -- i.e. lets say BST members support some 400-500 candidates all over India, many of them win, and after winning they immediately become MNC agents.
How does BST plan to avoid this?

Recently, Anna ji and other IAC members have backstabbed Swami ji.
He was not even allowed to sit with Anna ji when he came to the fasting site. Why?
After all, swami ji started the IAC movement.
In the same way, even if 400 M.Ps of BST come to power, Swami ji will be backstabbed by them and so, Swami ji and BST will be at a great loss. Best is to have right to recall before elections like Rajiv Dixit ji and many before have said. When M.Ps come to power and if the common people have power to expel/replace/punish the corrupt M.Ps, the M.Ps will not become corrupt for fear of being expelled and being punished.
In words of Rajiv Dixit " It will be like a hanging sword"

Jai Bharat.

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