Ramdevji Thanks Supreme Court

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Ramdevji Thanks Supreme Court

Post by kmoksha » Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:37 am


Shanti Bhushan , a well known lawyer, has thrown an affidavit on the face of Honorable Justice Kapadia --- in which he has said that over 8 out 16 past Chief Justices were bribe collectors. Can you explan why Kapadia is s...cared of prosecuting Shanti Bhushan for contempt? Because Shanti Bhushan has said that he would give proofs to public if prosecution is launched against him. SO Kapadia has only given a notice and now he throwing date after date after date. Please google on "Marty Khare Swiss Pedophile" and you will find unspeakable ways in which Supreme Court judges took bribes. Suffices to say that Supreme Court Justices are as bribe seekers as Ministers.
The Supreme Court Justices are appointing this sham committee against black money ONLY to public that "see we dont need Ramdevji , we are taking full action on black money issue". Where were all SCjs before Jun-5? The black money issue has ...been since decades. Why SCjs did not take any action till date? And reality is that SCjs upheld Mauritius route in 2002 when Azadi Bachao Andolan had filed a case in Supreme Court against Mauritius route. Why? Because many SCjs themselves may be having loads of money in Mauritus bank.
Shanti Bhushan is only using proofs as a tactic to blackmail judges. He doesnt want to give proofs to public.
It is time for the civilians to talk about the real things, the procedures and drafts which can bring about changes in India.
If Shanti Bhushan, Jethmalani etc are good lawyers. why dont they give proofs against corruption of Supreme Court judges to people? Why dont they drag corrupt High Court judges and corrupt Supreme Court judges to courts vi...a PILs and then prisons? And why dont they propose laws to reduce corruption in courts and nepotism in courts? Shanti Bhushan was Law Minister for 2 years between 1977-1980 and he made no law to reduce corruption/nepotism in judges. Jethamalani was law minister was several years and has been MP for over 10 years (broken intervals). He never ever proposed law to reduce corruption/nepotism in judges. These are all fake, phoney and frauds.
IMO, we should disregard ALL these people and focus on law-drafts that can reduce corruption.
The first law is transparent complaint fling and next is Right to Recall Supreme Court judges. IMO, we should campaign for good laws and do nothing else.
It is our job as citizens to give drafts to the MPs. Better , we start doing our job now.
we citizens MUST read all laws and force PMs and CMs and pass good laws. Because unless we force PM and CMs, the PM and CMs will only make the laws that would please the lobbyists.

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